9th International Congress
Motor Vehicles and Motors 2022
  • congress.mvm@kg.ac.rs
  • University of Kragujevac Faculty of engineering
  • 13th and 14th October 2022

Traditional organizing of International Congress "Motor Vehicles & Motors - MVM" has become the
brand of the Faculty of Engineering University of Kragujevac. This year also, there is a considerable
number of papers from the country and from abroad, as well as the traditional support from the
Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia, the city of
Kragujevac and from our friends and associates from manufacturing or servicing activities related to

Since their occurrence, motor vehicles have attracted a considerable
attention both from the engineers and from the business people, while scientific achievements
from various scientific fields have been implemented in the process of vehicles development. Motor
vehicles have wide spectrum users, who impose new car classes and new car categories with their
demands. In accordance with trends in technical and technological developments, as well as new
user demands, the focus of the car manufacturers is displaced towards the specific car types or car
classes, but the car in general, as actuality, challenge and need, is still present on the

It is quite clear that the car, as the multidisciplinary object of development and
research on the one hand, and as the object of need or prestige on the other, is actually the target
for development and investment. Besides, the car is the means for faster and faster connection of
distant destinations, and with more and more improved mobility performances within the city, so it
has, without a doubt, the most significant place as the object of traffic planning and regulation.
Therefore, there is the tendency of broadening the papers topics from the vehicles mechanics and
the processes within the engine, in order to give appropriate space to the fields such as ecology,
alternative fuels, regulations, auto-electronics, etc. The scientific papers with the research results
from the field of electric and hybrid vehicles are all the more present.

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